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Ayurvedic Therapist,Ayurvedic Doctor,Ayurvedic Consultant Jobs in Ayurvedic Clinic Arogya for health - Surrounding the world with nature's care...
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Arogya for health - Surrounding the world with nature's care...

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    I happened to get to know Dr. Jaishree while studying and practicing Ayurveda in India in summer-autumn 2006. For several months I have been learning Ayurveda theoretically and practically with the doctor and with her kind support managed to become a practitioner of Ayurveda myself. She enriched my knowledge with a lot of practical information on Ayurvedic scriptures, Panchkarma, work with patients and detailed knowledge and pulse reading. Our interaction was educational and friendly at the same time. She has become a good example for me and inspired me with her knowledge, compassion and love for patients,...

    Ayurveda and Yoga practitioner



    Dr. Jayashree is a unique practitioner of the heart. i spent 3 months under her tutelage in Indian institute where she was a head docter and teacher of ayurveda. the transformation that took place within my mind body soul and spirit is due substantialy to her care, thoroughness of all the subtle and meaningful aspects of ayurveda and the love that exudes from her vibrant smile. see what i learnt from her is to 'take care of my soul and the body mind will follow and be taken care of.' I actually was prompted by those words to move to india from usa.
    Secondly, and equally important is her heart, the sheer love, acceptance and non-judgemental sharing made me feel that i am ok just as i am, not only ok, but perfect and beautiful, even though very unique. like a flower, she allowed my beauty to blossom and helped me to feel it and shine. she is the embodiment of what true authentic ayurveda is and will guide you on your journey of healing inwards and upwards to the very best and even beyond her apparent abilities.


  • Mr. P. K .Das

    I am very much grateful and express my deep indebtedness to Dr.Jaishree, who spent her valuable time and effort in guiding me throughout the Ayurveda Panchakarma Training Programme. It is really difficult to express, in words; my sincere gratitude towards her. I wish her success and prosperity in her life. Email ID:


  • Prithish Chakraborty

    I was suffering from migraine from last 5 years, i got off and on pain which worsened with little stress, climate change and lack of sleep. I was on vasograin which stopped helping lately. After taking medicines and treatment from Dr. Jaishree and following her advices, i feel better.I want to thank Dr JaiShree for her valuable advice and treatment. Email ID:


  • Viveck Trivedi

    Dr Jaishree is one of the most helpful doctor, i am one of the beneficial of her treatments, i had chronic constipation and gastric problem , i was worried i contacted her and now i am totally cured , she also helped me to reduce my weight i lost 10 kgs taking her advices and help now i am healthy and happy she is one of the most helpful and knowledgable person, also, she is concerned doctor as far as her patients are concerned , she is a true professional and accurate, she knows what she is doing and giving right treatment. in near future if i need any help i would go to her for the treatments Email ID:


  • Mr. Suresh Dutt

    Respected Dr. Jayashree,
    I feel very thankful to have such a teacher like you, I have learned a lot from you. You are the best teacher who taught me Ayurveda. Studying Ayurveda with you has opened a window to better understand my body.
    You are very knowledgeable in the realm of Ayurveda. I've gained a better understanding of Ayurvedic principles and how they can be incorporated into my everyday life to help me live in a balanced and healthy way.
    Thank you for all that you give of yourself and your knowledge!"
    Om Namah Shivay!
    Email ID:


  • Brijesh

    Extremely Professional Services! Many Thanks



  • Dr. R. A. Pai

    I had contacted the Ayurvedic Clinic AROGYA for Health at K3/102, DLF City Phase - 2, Gurgaon for treatment of Sciatica. I was initially advised therapeutic massage for a week. Thanks to Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharya - Director and her dedicated team of this organization my recovery was very fast. After an 8th day curative massage treatment followed by another two days of preventive massage treatment. I have fully recovered and I am back to my normal day to day activities which includes a 45 minutes walk in the evenings. I feel confident that this problem of Sciatica will not recurs in the future. For the services rendered by this organization and the personnel my sincere THANKS.


  • Enkhutur Maini

    All I am saying is true to my heart. In our body we do have some discomforts / problem which does not even show in medical tests. So I like that I had constant heart burning, indigestion, constipation for 3 years which would not go with conventional treatment. I am very happy and fortunate to make the decision to choose Ayurvedic Treatment by Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharya and her kind Therapists in Arogya For Health. I took seven days therapy along with oral herbal medicines. Now every morning I feel light and energetic and learned to have healthy diet as per doctors suggestion.

    House Wife


  • Madhu

    I came to Arogyaforhealth to sort out my sinus and sciatica problem. Have been satisfied with just two treatments and medicine. It was magic. Always vouch for Ayurvedic healing methods for any ailments. Arogya for health method of treatment is wonderful. therapists are knowledgeable. The best part of the center is the chanting of mantras that plays in the background throughout your treatment. Ayurveda and mantras are a good combination to healing. E-mail: Dated-09-04-2009


  • Mrs Rashmi Grover

    Weight loss Programme I came to Arogya for health for Weight loss programme under Dr. Jaishree on date 14/3/09. The 15 days intensive panchkarma treatment with herbal medicine has made me lose 4 inches. I am very happy with the results. The treatment is very good and atmosphere here is very good, healing and soothing. I enjoyed my treatment and want to take another session after few days.


  • Ms Rashmi

    Rejuvenation and detoxification treatment. This is by far the most effective thing I have done for myself with regards to my health. Though it’s Ayurveda and the benefits take a while, I have felt immediate relief and relaxation which is really rare in today’s world. I was very restless and had lost appetite. I had constipation and have high blood pressure as well. With just 2 treatments I have had a full nights sleep and regular bowel movements. I have started a month medicine for improving my overall health and looking forward to better living. Thanku E-Mail-


  • D.B Thapa

    I came from Nepal to ArogyaForhealth in Gurgaon for my joint disease and indigestion cure. I underwent panchkarma treatment under the guidance of Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharya. I liked the treatment very much. I was very carefully taken care of. (The patient initially came with joint problem so severe that he used to walk with cane. But after the treatment of only 8-9 days he could walk easily without stick.) This organization ‘Arogya forhealth” treats every patient just like a mother takes care of her child. That’s why I came for the 2nd time here only. Only problem with this treatment is that it takes longer time for complete cure. I will try my best to come with full one month time so that I can be completely healthy.

    President, Photo concern (p) Ltd. Galchhi traders (p) Ltd.


  • Rakesh Goyal

    Myself Rakesh Goyal, aged 25 years residing in Sainth Farms. I had joined Arogya For Health under the guidance of Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharya for the Obesity Therapy. I joined it for a week period. In the initial 2 days i felt no difference but on the third day to the last of the day, i observed somewhat different in my body and i lost 6 kg in a week. It was a miraculous thing which happened to me and my body. I was feeling too much elated and excited about the whole experience. Also It was a fun joining for the therapeutic treatment at Arogya. Regards, Rakesh Goyal


  • Anita Sharan

    The treatment I have received here is very satisfactory. I was completely satisfied wit e doctor’s advice. My ailments also subsided very quickly. Now I am feeling more energetic. Thanks for all the advice given to me.


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Current Openings


S.No. Position Location Date of
Qualification Experience Brief about the position
1Ayurvedic DoctorGurgaon (Haryana) Clinic2008-09-29BAMS1-2 yrsWe Urgently Required Ayurveda Consultant for our Gurgaon based Clinic. Clinic Address: K 3/102, DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon (Haryana) Phone Number: +91.9899679590
2Male Ayurvedic TherapistGurgaon (Haryana) Clinic2008-09-29Certificate Course in Panchakarma2-3 YearsWe Urgently Require Male Ayurveda Therapist for our Gurgaon based Clinic. Clinic Address: K 3/102, DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon (Haryana) Phone Number: +91.9899679590
3Female Ayurvedic TherapistGurgaon (Haryana) Clinic2008-09-29Certificate Course in Panchakarma1-2 YearsWe Urgently Required Ayurveda Consultant for our Gurgaon based Clinic. Clinic Address: K 3/102, DLF City, Phase II, Gurgaon (Haryana) Phone Number: +91.9899679590
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